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Diana Parrino

Program Manager

Bridging the Gap

Diana Parrino is The Water and Energy Program Manager at Bridging the Gap, a non-profit environmental organization serving the greater Kansas City area. She has been with the organization for 6 years and brings a diverse profile of 25 years of professional experience to the organization.

A career in Real Estate, and contracting sparked a passion for energy efficiency and sustainable design, which gained momentum and inspired her to expand her artisan skills. Diana’s environmental career began with her work as a Fine Artist, where she became known for her creative design solutions and handy skillset. Building custom functional installations entirely with reclaimed materials, and mixing recycled media to enhance environments is what she is best known for and has been featured on television and radio as well as printed publication for her work.

The availability of relatively low cost, sustainable living continues to motivate Diana in her current role. A mission to connect environment, economy and community drives her programs development, and reducing embodied carbon is among one of her career goals.

Diana Parrino
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