Kristin Riott

Executive Director

Bridging the Gap

Kristin Riott began her environmental career by picking too many wildflowers in the woods near her suburban home in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was sidetracked for a number of years by a career in creative and product management at Hallmark Cards. Moving to Hong Kong in 2000 for her husband’s career, she and her family witnessed the rapid environmental degradation so easy to see in crowded Asian cities.

Upon returning to Kansas City, Ms. Riott became active in various environmental movements, and in 2007 trained with Al Gore to become a spokesperson for climate change. The same year, she joined Bridging The Gap, an environmental non-profit serving greater Kansas City with the mission of working to make the KC region sustainable by connecting environment, economy and community. She was named executive director in 2010.

The organization has tripled in size and impact since that time–and planted plenty of native wildflowers, as well as co-leading the City’s Master Tree Planning process. Ms. Riott remains involved in climate change issues by serving on the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Climate Protection Plan Steering Committee and the Metro KC Climate Action Coalition.

Kristin Riott
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