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Ron Wood, J.D.

Former CEO

Black & Veatch Energy

Ron Wood presently has a private law practice principally focused on renewable energy project development. He was continuously associated with Black & Veatch from February 1964 until February 2006 when he retired as President and CEO of the Black & Veatch energy business after forty-two years of service. Black & Veatch is among the largest global infrastructure companies with operations in 70 countries on six continents providing engineering and construction services for water and energy projects.

As President and CEO of B & V Energy, Black & Veatch Corporation, Mr. Wood was responsible for the overall performance of the consolidated Black & Veatch energy business including engineering, procurement, and construction services for energy industry infrastructure projects. Those projects include coal-fired electric power generation; combustion turbine electric power generation; gas, oil, and chemical projects; air quality control system projects; nuclear-fueled power generation services; electric power delivery projects; and, consulting engineering services. B & V Energy has production offices in the United States, Thailand, China, and India comprising about 3,000 professionals that execute design-build projects in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Mr. Wood served as an executive officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Black & Veatch Holding Company beginning in 1999. He has been associated with the World Energy Council (WEC) for many years and is a past member of the WEC Officers Council and Board of Directors. WEC is a global organization comprising over ninety countries focused on sustainable energy solutions. Mr. Wood’s focus as the Black & Veatch energy business leader was on optimum solutions and improved project execution. He instituted a six-sigma continuous improvement program and was particularly interested in creative energy applications including innovative hybrid thermal and membrane desalination; and, both coal and biomass gasification.

Mr. Wood received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri and his Juris Doctor at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Law School.

Ron Wood, J.D.
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