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The changing landscape of energy generation and delivery requires a great change in the infrastructure.

MEI has facilitated analysis and policy development to meet Missouri's future energy needs.​

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MEI has identified five key focus areas related to the future of Missouri's energy infrastructure, including Aging Energy Infrastructure, Stagnating Energy Consumption, Changing Generation Sources, Research & Development, and Cyber Security. MEI and its board seek to raise awareness of these and other issues surrounding energy infrastructure and include them in the policy and economic development plans for the state in securing a strong energy plan and energy future for Missouri.

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MEI's Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee prioritizes MEI's policy work related to energy infrastructure, including selecting white paper topics, overseeing the development of the Midwest Energy Policy Series on Infrastructure conference agenda, and supporting MEI's various collaborations related to the future of Missouri's energy infrastructure.

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Infrastructure Resources

MEI's position statement on energy infrastructure identifies the following focus areas as keys to ensuring a strong energy future for Missouri:

  • Aging Energy Infrastructure

  • Stagnating Energy Consumption

  • Changing Generation Sources

  • Research and Development

  • Cyber Security

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Midwest Energy Policy Series: Infrastructure

Thank you to those of you who joined us for the Midwest Energy Policy Series on Infrastructure in April!  


Visit our upcoming events page HERE.


Stay tuned for session recordings and check out recordings from previous events HERE.

Check out all of our resources HERE.


Infrastructure Events

Have an energy infrastructure event you'd like us to list?  Reach out to us at

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The State of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Missouri

Access MEI's latest white paper, a comprehensive overview of the state of EV charging infrastructure in Missouri.  Through a series of stakeholder interviews with key players in the EV charging industry and extensive research, MEI has compiled this overview to be shared and used by decision makers and interested parties to deploy charging infrastructure in a manner that promotes local economic development, job creation, equitable access to new technologies, efficient use of existing infrastructure and resources, health and comfort benefits, and affordability, as Missouri's EV market continues to grow.

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