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Focus areas

MEI Board Focus Areas

The MEI board annually selects its priority issues based on need in the industry. MEI board has selected Energy Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, Energy Related Economic Development and Stakeholder Driven State Energy Plan.


Our Mission is to work collaboratively to identify opportunities and solutions to meet Missouri’s energy needs through support and facilitation of energy economic development, education, research and pragmatic policies. To achieve this the board selects an agenda or focus areas to work on and support the development of the Missouri energy landscape. MEI has worked to achieve this through the Midwest Energy Policy Series events, white papers and collaborations with key energy stakeholders.



MEI has identified five key focus areas related to the future of Missouri's energy infrastructure, including Aging Energy Infrastructure, Stagnating Energy Consumption, Changing Generation Sources, Research & Development, and Cyber Security. MEI and its board seek to raise awareness of these and other issues surrounding energy infrastructure and include them in the policy and economic development plans for the state in securing a strong energy plan and energy future for Missouri.



The MEI Board has selected the issue of Energy Efficiency as a focus area as it is the most cost-efficient way to reduce the cost of delivering energy, as well as the first step to reduce costs for consumers. MEI has worked to achieve this through the Midwest Energy Policy Series on Energy Efficiency, facilitating the initial Missouri Energy Efficiency Statewide Collaborative, Collaborations to support local Kansas City and St. Louis Building Energy Exchanges and a number of white papers.



Economic Development and energy are inextricably linked. The MEI board recognizes the role energy plays in Missouri's economic development. To that end MEI has supported the creation of energy related jobs through Property Assessed Clean Energy, the Clean Energy Challenge, Business Plan Competitions, White papers, and the Midwest Energy Policy Series on Economic Development.



The Missouri State Energy Plan is a roadmap to affordable, secure energy for the state’s residents and businesses. Since 2013 MEI has pushed policy (through legislation, regulation or executive action) to codify a planning process to develop and update the state energy plan for Missouri. In 2015 MEI successfully initiated the Missouri State Energy Planning Processes following our analysis demonstrating an economic benefit for those states with a plan in place. We have been actively involved in the current SEP process.

Focus Areas: What We Do
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