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Ways To Finance Energy Efficiency


PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an alternative way to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy-related projects. If it can save you energy and money, it can be financed through PACE.

Missouri Energy Initiative as a leader in economic development and energy policy was identified by stakeholders as an ideal leader to launch a best practices PACE program in Missouri. We undertook this effort in 2014-2015 and developed best practices used by many districts throughout the United States.


Energy Efficiency For All

Missouri Energy Efficiency for All (Missouri EEFA) works to improve efficiency and affordability in low-income multifamily housing through engaging utilities and building power within local communities so that all Missourians can live in affordable, efficient, healthy housing. In addition to some partners intervening in electric and gas utility cases to develop new and improved energy efficiency programs, the Missouri EEFA partners focus on three primary project areas: 1) successful implementation of new and existing energy efficiency programs; 2) expanding the geographic reach affordable multifamily energy efficiency offerings beyond the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas; and 3) influencing Missouri’s decision-makers to support efficiency in multifamily affordable housing.



Missouri State Treasurer's Office Programs

Missouri Linked Deposit Program - It is a well funded with a total of $720 million available. This program helps qualified lenders from Missouri better serve Missouri-based companies and agricultural operations by reducing the interest rate on certain loans that borrowers can use to improve their business.


Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP)

The program provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems or to make energy efficiency improvements. Agricultural producers may also apply for new energy efficient equipment and new system loans for agricultural production and processing.



Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

The Inflation Reduction Act contains a number of funding streams designed to improve energy efficiency across the country. 

Use MEI's IRA database to find the right funding option for you.

MEI's IRA Database

Missouri Energy Loan Program

The department offers low-interest loans to public K-12 schools, public colleges and universities, hospitals and local governments for energy-saving investments and energy-efficiency projects to reduce energy use and cost. These loans can be used for various equipment including high efficiency lighting fixtures and lamps, combined heat and power systems, renewable energy systems, waste heat recovery, high efficiency pumps and high efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These loans can also be used for building shell improvements, such as insulation and other infiltration measures, and other measures that reduce energy use and cost.


Utility Work.jpeg

Utility Based Efficiency Programs 

Select utility companies operating within Missouri offer a number of energy efficiency programs that customers can enrol in. 

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