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Midwest Energy Policy Series 2022

Energy Efficiency

High Efficiency Homes


  • Tim Michels - Energy Resources Group

  • Pamela Brookstein - Elevate

  • Amy Beley - Public-Private Partnerships

  • James Owen - Renew Missouri

Session highlights

  • Energy Efficiency is cost-effective using today's technology. The ROI is 4yrs for Business, 6yrs for Residential.

  • Homeowners, REALTORS, and Appraisers want 3rd party certification and robust marketing materials explaining the value of energy efficiency outside just the environmental components. (includes studies) Once benefits are shared, disconnect between REALTORS and Homeowners.

  • Homes with Home Certifications are selling for more.

  • Renew Missouri Homes - creating network for contractors and scored and certified homes. 


The 2022 MEPS on Energy Efficiency took place in Columbia Missouri and the World Wide Web. More than 100 stakeholders participated in this great event, where we discussed collaborative opportunities and the latest technologies and practices.

MEPS EE 2022 logo_Wix.png

Heat Pump Adoption


  • Ron Domitrovic - Electric Power Research Institute

  • Dan Wildenhaus - Center for Energy and Environment

  • Kathryn Eggers - Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Session highlights

  • New technology makes Heat Pumps more viable in colder climates (variable speed and variable speed)

  • Discusses the different types of Heat Pumps and programs around the country facilitating the adoption of heat pumps

Healthcare Sector Energy Efficiency


  • Lois Sechrist - Medxcel

  • Michele Pitale - Counterpointe SRE

  • Michael Lincoln - GreenRock

Session highlights

  • Healthcare Sector is a great opportunity for energy efficiency, see the most effective ways to save money and energy.

  • Hear about examples of how PACE has financed multiple healthcare facilities around the United States

Pay As You Save Programs


  • Jeff Berg - Ameren

  • Natalie Gray - Evergy

  • Lemartt Holman - Spire

Session highlights

  • New on-bill financing program in Missouri provided by Ameren, Evergy and Spire. Saving more money than the increased cost of new products.

  • Encourages energy-efficient equipment upgrades.

  • How it works: Home visit -> In-depth Energy Assessment -> Proposal (cost, components, payment plan) -> Direct Install by Trade Ally

Time of Use Rates


  • Mark LeBel - Regulatory Assistance Project

  • Nicolas Bowden - Amaren

Session highlights

  • Time of use rates by Ameren look to help provide customers options to lower bills while also protecting grid reliability.

  • Time of use rates will be vital components of grid stability as EVs and Solar increasingly become adopted

Building Energy Performance Organizations


  • Brittanie Giroux - Metropolitan Energy Center

  • Ashley Sadowski - Building Energy Exchange Kansas City

  • Jessica Dean - Building Energy Exchange St. Louis

Session highlights

  • New Building Codes and Standards drive changes in commercial markets in Kansas City and St. Louis

  • Programming from Metropolitan Energy Center, Building Energy Exchange Kansas City & Building Energy Exchange St. Louis are making it easier to comply, find financing and understand the landscape.

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