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MEPS Sponsorship Opportunity

We’re excited to invite you to join us in another year of the Midwest Energy Policy Series. To build on the success of our events, we’re integrating Advancing Renewables Conference (ARC) into our MEPS framework. Recognizing the shared themes between the ARC and MEPS on Energy Efficiency, we've decided to combine these events to offer a better experience for all.


Our combined conferences will bring together, on average, 350-450 attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Sponsoring at the full series level (3 events) allows you to increase your footprint and exposure at a lower cost. Additionally, as a Diamond or Gold sponsor, you can provide a speaker and topic for the events you sponsor. Full series sponsors can provide a video message to be played during the event and content to be included in our newsletter. Additional sponsor benefits are listed below, including free and discounted registrations for your organization.


The 2024 Midwest Energy Policy Series is developing into another impactful series of events.


  1. The MEPS on Energy Infrastructure (1-day event) will address a variety of pressing energy topics, including. Environmental Impact Requirements, Muni & Coop Infrastructure, MEI Energy Storage Paper, Large Power Users, EESS Generation vs Resource, SPP & Miso, Energy Bank BIL & IRA updates, and more.

  2. The MEPS/ARC on Energy Efficiency (2-day event) will address many topics, and the agenda is currently being developed, but would likely include PACE, Building Codes, Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS), Heat Pumps, Building Energy Performance Standards, and more.

  3. The MEPS on Energy Economic Development (1-day event) will look to highlight Energy Economic Development Success Stories, Energy-Related Legislation, and more.

Your sponsorship of the Midwest Energy Policy Series helps provide diverse, fact-based presentations and engaging discussions on the Midwest’s most pressing energy issues.

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