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Join us for the 2022 edition of MEI's Midwest Energy Policy Series

The Midwest Energy Policy Series is the premiere conference for

energy professionals in Missouri and the Midwest. 

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2022 Events

Midwest Energy Policy Series: Infrastructure

Kansas City, MO

Tuesday, April 19


Midwest Energy Policy Series: Energy Efficiency

Columbia, MO

Tuesday, Aug. 16

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Midwest Energy Policy Series: Economic Development

St. Louis, MO

Thursday, Dec. 8

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Join us for the Midwest Energy Policy Series on Economic Development Dec. 8 in St. Louis, MO.  Register today for a unique opportunity to network with energy professionals.  Can't make it to St. Louis?  Join us virtually to enjoy our new & improved AV setup courtesy of Vidwest Studios & Silverback Video!

8:30-9:00            Registration / Networking / Breakfast 

9:00-9:15            Introduction

9:15-10:00          Legislative and Regulatory Roundup

Susan Henderson Moore (Polsinelli) / Commissioner Scott Rupp (MoPSC) /    Commissioner Ann McCabe (ILCC)

In this session, we will receive an update on the 2022 election, the changes in the Missouri General Assembly, and a rundown of what passed in 2022 and what might be coming in 2023. We will also hear about the implementation of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (2021) in Illinois, and what the ICC is doing around the design and implementation of that law. In Missouri, we will hear what the MoPSC has on its agenda, and what the commission sees as priorities for the coming year. 

10:00 -11:10      2022 Economic Development Success Stories 

Rob Dixon (Ameren) / John Engelmann (Evergy) / Terry Henderson (Toyota) / Dennis Pruitt (Missouri Partnership)

Hear some great news for Missouri as we hear about the growth and economic development. We will discuss the addition of new companies or the expansion of existing ones using special programs provided by the utilities, or those passed by the legislature to incite new growth. We will hear how the new growth will impact the grid load and overall operations of Missouri’s grid and economy. We’ll hear how international companies look at Missouri, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Finally, we’ll gain a better understanding of the Economic Development Rider and how it is being used, and how it will change in the future.

11:10-11:40       Networking Break / Lunch

11:40-12:55       Federal Funds Flooding Missouri 

Caleb Hall (Stinson) / Craig Redmond (MDNR) / Joe Boland (EIERA) / Lane Dilg (US Department of Energy) / Elizabeth Prestwood (MoDOT)

In this panel, the Missouri Division of Energy will highlight the funding streams that look to come to Missouri and the corresponding programs that will see increased funding or need to be created. EIERA will discuss the IRA and more specifically the greenhouse gas reduction program and Green Bank opportunities. The US DOE will talk about the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment Act and the funding targeting distressed communities including those impacted by a loss of coal-related jobs. We will also have a detailed discussion about the tax code and how it relates to the IRA and what changes are coming. And finally, we will hear from the Missouri Department of Transportation on the EV corridor and infrastructure being developed.

12:55-1:55        Energy Storage as Missouri Economic Engine 

Josh Campbell (MEI) / Phil Brown (ICL Phosphate Specialties) / Chris Neaville (Doe Run) / Creighton Brown (EnerSys)

This panel will discuss the supply chain issues and the opportunities present in Missouri for strategic critical minerals that go directly into energy storage products. The discussion will include permitting and administrative issues within the federal and state government that either promote or inhibit the mining or processing of these minerals. We will also hear from ICL about their new facility in Missouri and what brought them to Missouri. ICL will share its thoughts on the current market for energy storage systems, both internationally and locally.  

1:55-2:10         Networking Break / Snack

2:10-2:55         Clean Energy Lifecycles 

Eric Hagan (Veolia) / Stuart Bauer (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

With significant funding being put towards clean energy questions have arisen regarding the life cycle of these products here from two speakers on wind and solar as to what is currently in play and what is coming down the pipeline for opportunities for recycling or reporting of these products.

2:55-3:45         Hydrogen's Future 

Rick Smith (Ameren) / Liz Galea (Mitsubishi) / Emily Romines (Spire)

Hydrogen looks to play a role in our future. This panel will discuss the current research, opportunities, and struggles with integrating Hydrogen into a number of different sectors. They will discuss the opportunity of the DOE-funded Hydrogen Hubs, the local applications, and teams. A discussion of the industry, the advantages of hydrogen, and how different geographies play a role in its use will be discussed as well.

3:45-4:00         Close

Josh Campbell - Missouri Energy Initiative


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