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Midwest Energy Policy Series on Renewables & Efficiency
Formerly – Advancing Renewables in the Midwest

Event History


The Midwest Energy Policy Series (MEPS) was launched in 2009 and has consistently brought together experts from around the country to create networking and information sharing on Energy Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, and Energy-Related Economic Development. We have provided resources to more than 3,000 key stakeholders. MEPS 2023 was a one-day event with 125 attendees and seven sessions.  


Advancing Renewables in the Midwest Conference was launched more than 12 years ago. More than 165 attendees networked and advanced renewable policy and the Midwest. Advancing Renewables 2023 was a two-day event with 15 sessions, a networking dinner, a happy hour, and several networking opportunities.  


Midwest Energy Policy Series on Renewable and Efficiency will merge both events to bring together experts, stakeholders, and leaders to address key sector issues related to renewable and energy efficiency. As the new organizer of this joint event, MEI will communicate with many stakeholders to organize this event with more than 200 attendees. 

2024 MEPS on Renewables and Efficiency  

Expected Attendance: MEPS on Renewables and Efficiency expects 200 attendees, who will be professors, engineers, attorneys, executives, state officials, regulators, utility representatives, contractors, and advocates. The represented organizations include various organizations from different sectors, such as government entities, utility companies, educational institutions, chambers of commerce, renewable energy firms, engineering companies, and environmental organizations. These organizations are involved in public works, energy generation and distribution, healthcare, economic development, environmental conservation, education, and community services. They represent diverse stakeholders interested in sustainability, economic growth, and public welfare in Missouri and surrounding areas. 
2024 MEPS on Renewables and Efficiency will be a two-day event with 6-8 sessions each day on August 20-21 2024. We expect more than 200 participants. The event will include a happy hour networking event and numerous networking opportunities. 

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