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9:00am    PACE 101

  • MEI

9:30am    PACE in Missouri | A Year in Review

  • MEI

10:00am   The Life of a C-PACE Project

  • Cathy Evans - PACE Equity

  • Jacob Surratt - Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners

  • MEI

10:45am   Networking Break

11:00am    PACE as an Economic Development Tool

  • Peter Phillips - SLDC

  • Andrew Savastino - City of Kansas City

12:30pm   Community Financial Institution in PACE

  • Ruben Alonso - Alt-Cap

  • Kimberly Johnston - Slipstream

1:25pm     A New Frontier in C-PACE

  • Byron DeLear - Sustainable Equity

2:20pm     Using PACE to Meet & Exceed Energy Building Standards

  • Katarina Michalova - City of St. Louis

  • Stephen McGreer - Asset Environmental

3:05pm      Open Floor


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